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pre-cleaning plants


fully biological cleaning plants


potable water supply


cattle truck washing sites


pre-cleaning plants

physical floatation units

After fines cleaning through a filter, the water flows into a floatation basin. Non-dissolved fats and suspended particles rise to the surface by floatation and removed by scrapers with variable speed control into the receiver basin. Separable contents are being released at controllable intervals by the discharge hopper into the pump shaft and removed over a filter in sequential loops. The floatate is conveyed into the compactor vessel by an ultra-sonically controlled eccentric screw pump and the pre-cleaned waste water flows into the drain channel.




chemical floatation units

To achieve a maximum reduction of contamination a chemical cleaning phase with aluminium chloride- and poly-electrolyte-dosing can be added to the mechanical pre-cleaning plant. Especially the emulsified fats will be flocked out by the AlCl3 and eliminated by floatation.