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pre-cleaning plants


fully biological cleaning plants


potable water supply


cattle truck washing sites


water and waste treatment

scope of waste water treatment

All waters, including ground water, are to be kept clean within the context of public interest and according to legislation, so that:

health of man and animals are not jeopardized;

ground and well water can be used as potable water

The thus formulated requirements for the quality of waters are laid down in Emission Standards. In same for instance values such as CSB, BSB5, …, as definitions for contamination loads and concentrations are being regulated.

NESS-SCHNEIDER GmbH has written the fulfilment of these regulations in its company banner and applied successfully.

the challenge for NESS-SCHNEIDER GmbH

The selection of the correct cleaning process is very important and tuned to the specific waste water of our clientele.

waste water treatment by NESS-SCHNEIDER GmbH

In conjunction with a pre-treatment unit all materials present in waste water in so-called dissolved form, are being de-composed through biological scrubbing. The level of purifications is in accordance with the Europe-wide standards for direct draining into water reserves.