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pre-cleaning plants


fully biological cleaning plants


potable water supply


cattle truck washing sites


Our experience:
Hygiene at abattoirs readily starts outside of the production facilities. Our experience shows and everyone involved knows that clean cattle is easier to move and easier to handle during loading and unloading.
Removing dung and subsequent cleaning of the life-cattle trucks contribute substantially. The level of contamination is generally low, however depends on the quality of and the time spent on the job by the driver.
The washing site is to be installed in the so-called ‚unclean section’.
NESS-SCHNEIDER GmbH has invested its know-how in many proven installations and developed a range of components.


simple multiple

To obtain an efficient cleaning of the trucks, we have developed a washing site with multiple grades. By using a special construction the underground can be maintained at +8° centigrade, with makes cleaning of trucks easy and safe. Thus dangerous situations like slipping are avoided, even when occasionally someone forget to close the hangar doors.

Screen conveyor
The specially developed horizontal/vertical screen conveyor consists of a receiving basin, a horizontal screen track and an inclined upward conveyor. The horizontal track is embedded in the ground. It collect the dung and conveys it to the inclined conveyor that dumps it in an appropriate container or truck. Conveying length is 4 to 18 metres and the dumping height of between 2 to 6 metres is adapted according to the requirements and possibilities of the client. The screens are designed so as to even trap and filter out wood chips avoiding the possibility of blocking.

The conveying system is automatically activated when starting the washing plant. When the pump is stopped, the conveyor will continue to extract long enough to ensure that most solids have been removed and no odours develop even during long idle periods.